Hand Coded eBook Conversion Services

If you are looking to have your text converted into an eBook format, it is crucial that you receive a quality eBook Conversion Service. It is not simply enough to reformat the text, rather time and expertise needs to be utilized to fully achieve a high standard of eBook, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We firmly believe in producing high-quality products that can enhance the salability of your texts. Your eBook should be presentable, neat, tidy, and structured, and thus appeal more to the reader. People read books to relax and don’t want to be perturbed by a messy or disorganized structure. The eBook is still a relatively new format, and so we firmly believe in developing it. It is important that people new to eBooks are impressed with the quality, aesthetics, and structure of the format.

Our eBook Conversion Includes:

  • Clickable TOC (Table of Contents)
  • Retaining styles as per the manuscruipt.
  • Retaining Bold, Italics and Underlines.
  • Active links for Websites, e-mail address and other links.
  • Remove page numbers, headers and footers.
  • Front matters (Title page, Copyright, Dedication, etc..)
  • Formatting Images, Footnotes, Endnotes, etc..
  • Applying colors, if needed.
  • Navigable NCX and OPF Operations.
  • Authors meta-data inclusion.

About AtoZ eBook Conversion Service?

We are an established eBook conversion service with over ten year’s experience, and over 8000+ titles converted to date. We have developed a diverse team with expertise in several niche sectors, and thus we are always aware of the target audience. Our team includes experts in IT, the literary field, marketing, and a number of specialist sectors, helping you to get the most from your eBook conversion service. We have had a resounding success with all of our previous titles, and pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our work. We work in any and all type of ebook formats.

Our team has the expertise and experience required to work in an extensive range of different formats, and we can offer a quality service irrespective of your source and target format. A to Z Services can adapt and convert from a wide range of file formats, including; PDF, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Quark. When converting books from print versions, we are also able to assist in the scanning process and are more than happy to receive projects of this nature. As eBook technologies evolve, so too does our team, and we ensure that we are always ahead of the game, producing eBooks in a number of file formats like EPUB 2, EPUB 3, Mobi, AZW, KF8, Epub & Kindle Fixed layout formats and for a number of devices such as; Kindle Fire, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, IPad, iTouch, iPhone, Android devices, Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Editions and Mobipocket.

Why eBook formatting?

There has been a major shift in how we publish and purchase books in the technological age. There is an increasing demand for the availability of books in digital format, and it is indeed rapidly overtaking sales of print versions. The Kindle Reader is now Amazon’s biggest selling single product, and as a greater variety of eBook Readers come on to the market, it is increasingly important that your eBook is compatible. We don’t just adapt your text, but rather we ensure that it is fully accessible to an extensive range of eBook purchasers, increasing its popularity and potential sales.

Although eBooks are growing in popularity, it is widely believed that print versions will not die out, and rather both print and electronic books will exist side by side for the foreseeable future. Print books offer something unique, and although eBooks are quick and easy to access, the romance of print books is still very much alive. We believe in helping to protect the environment, and thus so too can you by opting for an electronic-only release of your book. We also offer ebook distribution services to helps Authors and Publishers to promote the book on the major ebook retailing websites.

Our services are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with a quality and reliable service. We always respect the time and budget considerations and customize our service for your specific needs. We don’t simply believe in getting the job done, but getting it done with a quality and friendly service that endears us to our clients.

Why work with AtoZ E-book Conversion Services?

AtoZ eBook conversion is focused one hundred percent on quality, in both the nature and reliability of our service. We have developed a broad range of experienced and passionate experts, who don’t simply wish to get a job out of the way, but rather to produce the very best product possible. We also offer highly competitive rates and are determined to be the number one eBook conversion service available.

Having worked within the e-Book conversion service sector for a number of years, we are aware of the uniqueness of each project we receive and have thus built an understanding of how to best work with a variety of styles and formats for the best results. Our quality assurance team is always at hand to ensure that regardless of how we receive the test, our service is always maintained at the highest possible level. We are experienced and knowledgeable in converting from a vast array of file formats, and continually evolve as the sector does.

AtoZ eBook Services work with a wide range of different formats both within source and target files, and have developed expertise in each of the following examples:

ePub Formatting

EPub is the current International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) standardised open eBook format. The text is adaptable to different devices, meaning that it will always fit onto your screen in a neat and presentable way, and thus is widely accessible.

EPub files can also store images and videos, and we also able to embed images, video, and audio into the text. EPub has become hugely popular globally with both publishers and retailers, largely due to its free open standardized format. The ePub formatted books are accessible across a huge range of eBook devices including; Barnes & Noble Nook, IPad, iPhone, Adobe Digital Edition, Sony Reader, Android devices and Kobo eReader, and offer great cohesion and usability between device and software.

Kindle Formatting

Amazon’s Kindle device is a hugely popular eBook Reader, and if you don’t have your eBook accessible on this device then you are truly missing out on a giant slice of the eBook market. Kindle books can grow in popularity overnight, due to the sheer scale of the service provided by Amazon, and it is a fundamental tool for any Author or publisher today.

We fully understand the importance of having your texts available to as many people as possible, and thus we work tirelessly with our quality assurance team to ensure that we produce a high quality of Kindle formatted eBooks.

Why are we different in conversion?

We value your peace of mind. We are aware of the amount of hard work and effort that goes into producing your texts in the first place, and thus offer the same level of commitment to converting your work into high-quality eBook formats. We don’t simply want to go through the technological steps of file conversion, but rather offer you a fully personalized service, maximizing the quality and attractiveness of your eBook.

Our experience in the industry proves our level of success, experience, and expertise, and we continue striving to improve every day. We have worked with a large number of unique and diverse clients from all parts of the world, and have developed an understanding of Authors, Publishers, and readers, as well as the market itself. We wish to continue growing and evolving our service long into the future.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions and also check out the FAQ section.

The Perks of Our eBook Conversion Services

We don’t simply offer you affordable and quality eBook conversions, but rather we invite you into our family to publish texts. We take pride in our work and are committed to surpassing the expectations of each and every one of our clients. Check our testimonials to know more details.

We have a full understanding of your business and how it works, and thus we offer you a service that fully matches your needs. Here are some of the benefits that “AtoZ eBook Conversion” offers to our clients.

Cost Effective Services

The AtoZ e-Book Conversion Services team are experienced in working with a variety of texts from a wide range of sectors, and thus we can ensure an efficient service. As we have developed our work over the years, we have improved the efficiency and thus cost-effectiveness of our service, and therefore offer highly competitive rates. We are aware that in this sector you are constantly trying to balance quality with budget, and thus we have developed a service that can offer you both in equal measure.

Accept All File Formats

As we have developed a team with experience and expertise within all file formats, we are able to accept all types of files. It makes absolutely zero impact on the quality of your final product if your initial file is sent to us any of the following formats; PDF, Word, Html, Adobe Indesign, Quark Xpress, Latex, XML and ePub, to name a few. Simply supply us with the file and we will complete the job. You don’t need to worry about reformatting anything yourself, saving on time and energy.

Strict Quality Control

Our in house quality control team works tirelessly to ensure that all of our eBook conversions are maintained at the highest possible standards. Our track record of converting 5000 + eBooks is evidence of the level of customer satisfaction our service rewards. We don’t simply want to get a job crossed off a list, but rather we strive to maintain the highest possible levels of quality.

Fully Hand Coded Conversion

All of our services are carried out by people and not machines. There is a wide range of emerging software, which can automatically convert to eBooks from a range of file types, but such services do not offer any quality or reliability. What they gain in speed, they lose quality control. Our eBook Conversion team works long hours to ensure that each of our clients receives a fully customized service, truly ensuring that the quality of the product all expectations.

High Quality Conversion Services

Our team is vastly experienced within all aspects of eBook conversions, and thus we always ensure that the layout and presentation of your product is top class. We have experience in working with a wide range of different styles and are confident we can always find the most suitable layout for your work, incorporating graphics, images, graphs, and numerous other objects into your text layout systematically and aesthetically.


When converting eBooks, compatibility is of the upmost importance. There is a wide array of devices being used to read eBooks, and if you are to truly maximize the potential of your eBook, you need to make it as compatible and accessible as possible. A large factor influencing the success of your eBook will be just how accessible it is, and thus how many potential buyers you are able to reach. Here at A to Z eBook Conversion Services, we work tirelessly to ensure that our eBooks are compatible with all devices, and keep an eye on emerging technologies to ensure that we stay one step ahead.

Fast Turnaround Time

There is no need to worry about tight deadlines or delays when working with us. We always ensure that we meet arranged deadlines, and make a commitment to completing all of our projects within 72 hours of submission.

Technical Expertise

Our Conversion Services team are vastly qualified and experienced and are more than capable of working within a wide range of source and target file formats, including; pdf, mobi, ePub, doc, swf, xml, html etc. We combine experts within the literary industry, with IT geeks, and specialist marketers, to ensure that we can offer you a fully rounded and therefore quality service.

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