Ebook Distribution

ebook distribution services

Ebooks have added new joy to readers experience. In a modern environment when everyone loves gadgets reading books on a Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Mobipocket or Sony reader is style statement of reading smart. The eBook reading which has evolved quickly in many phases and attaining new heights provides authors and customers vast opportunities of publishing eBooks and selling them online over book stores like Amazon or iBooks. Exclusive devices made for eBook reading like Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, and Smartphones provides additional benefits of any time, anywhere learning to busy and smart and readers. eBook lovers is a vast community themselves and supplying eBooks at cost-effective rates to them is essential for authors, publishers, and retailers.

Millions of eBook titles are available across the World Wide Web written and distributed by authors from different geographies in various languages. Simply uploading a book is not sufficient criteria of readers’ attraction. Both authors and publishers need to make sure that eBooks are uploaded in the right places of the web where they should be visible to a huge pool of readers and not only a few. This is where eBook distribution needs expert helping hands. So if you are looking to promote your books to the major ebook stores, now you are in the right place.

AtoZ offers eBook promotion services to make your eBooks popular for different readers. We have an in-house pool of expert web marketing professional who knows where to upload your eBooks for maximum visibility and increased sales. We have dedicated back office team which helps you in uploading task of eBooks. We upload your eBooks on top eBook selling websites of the world.

We provides distribution services in all major leading industry formats. Some of the popular eBook formats that we help in distribution are Epub, Kindle, Mobi, Pdf, etc. Besides we also don’t mind in which format you have eBooks, our distribution team handles them with extreme care and makes 100% sure that your eBooks should reach to the maximum number of eBook readers through top eBook selling web domains. In addition to increased sales, we also provide marketing tools through digitized channels. Creating a database search and adding marketing widgets are a few of the ways we choose to make maximum penetration.

Why our eBook Promotion Services?

ebook distribution across the globeeBooks need expert hands starting from converting to designing to distribution. AtoZ are the leader in eBook conversion and distribution over thousands of popular websites and web directories for different devices. Our eBooks distribution list is rapidly growing. In the past 10+ years, we have distributed eBooks for millions of readers.

We offer eBooks distribution service for world’s top platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Lulu, Google Books, Chapters Indigo, Borders, eBook Mall, and Books on Board.

When you work with us we offer you maximum benefits in terms of increased readership. Also, we do not charge any share of royalty that you get from eBook sells. Your eBooks are your intellectual property and we respect your rights. We offer distribution services for best rates within the shortest possible time and our in-house quality assurance team makes sure for timely error free distribution.

Here are some of the reasons at a glance why you should use our services:

  1. We assures you to distribute eBooks to reach to the largest customer base.
  2. Readers’ should be easily able to notice your eBooks on different channels, which offer increased sales. Visibility provides for maximum chances of a purchase.
  3. We don’t use software for submission. All the eBook submissions are done in the house of AtoZ eBook Conversion.
  4. We ensure that your eBooks are submitted in the right places.
  5. Once eBooks are submitted you will be provided exclusive details regarding the same.
  6. We offer distribution services for the best price.

Cost for eBook Distribution

We offers you the distribution for the best prices. Our cost is best in the industry and suits to everyone interested in eBook sells. We charge you US$50 per retailer for eBook distribution services. No hidden charges, your eBooks sell is your’s, we never ask for a share in royalties whatever you earn.

How we are different from other distribution?

We know how much it is valuable to submit eBooks on popular platforms. After all, they meant for sale and popularity, we understand this. Your satisfaction is our motto. We know how important it is to submit eBooks for different eBook readers and where those get millions of readers. Our eBooks distribution team has expert hands in eBook submission leveraged with eBook marketing resources. Also, we do not wish any share in royalty that you earn from eBook sales. We work for fixed prices and offer you cost-effective distribution and error-free submission at a quicker pace. We strive hard to make your eBooks popular overnight and we do that, that’s why we have submitted millions of eBooks in the past 5 years and our operation is growing day and night in this segment.