Frequently Asked Questions

We have in-house proofreaders who proofread and cross check manually between input and output document. However, we do corrections till will you get fully satisfied and without any extra cost.
A to Z eBook Conversion Services offer eBook conversion in multiple languages. We work largely in all popular languages like French, German, Dansih, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and many more...
We have in house quality assurance team to assure total quality assurance and we are doing this since more than 5 years. We give a warrant of our work to be 100% satisfactory. If ever you find an error introduced by us to your eBook , we take responsibility to fix it without any additional cost.
A to Z eBook Conversion Services produces eBooks using appropriate technology. We take in use original color, images, and text wherever necessary and it make senses. Also we take your inputs at the time you submit a project to us. Most of the electronic readers display eBooks in grey scale like Kindle, Sony Reader etc; they use paper technology, meanwhile they can be read outside too and we adhere to this fact. Your eBooks are meant to be read in any reader and not only limits to certain devices.
Yes, certainly we do, before delivering the final output to our clients. We test your books meant to be read over different readers, like Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, Sony readers, Adobe Digital Edition, iPad, iPhones etc. We check them for overall quality and feel and once we are satisfied, then only we submit output files to client. We take in use standardized validation techniques like ePub 3.0 to ensure total quality control.
A to Z eBook Conversion Services accepts payments through different channels. You can pay us via any method like Paypal, Bank Transfer, Demand Draft, Banker’s Check, Money Bookers etc. Normally we accept all payment methods convenient to you.
We not only organize index, we organize navigable index, which means easy to read eBook for readers when flipping through pages and more enjoyable reading.
A to Z ePub Conversion Services completes your work with 72 hours of a project submission. We value your time and start working on a project instantly as soon a client submits. However, certain projects require much time in completion depending upon nature of a project. We give near exact idea of a project completion at the time we accept input files.
A to Z eBook Conversion Services have got expertise in all kind of publishing. We have in house team of illustrators who ensure the job of publishing eBooks for your little readers. Our eBooks can be read equally well on grey scale readers and colored ones.
Yes, we convert printed hard copy books into eBooks. Technically this process is called digitization. We scan the text, diagrams, tables and images whatever a printed book contains and put them into electronic format to be read over electronic devices. This process takes little higher time and cost, but everyday new authors and publishers contact us for hard copy to eBook conversion, probably because of popularity of eBooks and large reader base.