Fixed layout conversion for Kindle

Fixed layout conversion
Replicate colourful and picturesque e-books with loads of illustrations maintaining the integrity of the actual counterparts. Ideal for publishing titles of cooking, travel, photography, novels and storybooks for children.

AtoZ Company, a tried and tested name providing conversion service, forays into fixed layout conversion with the help of cascading style sheets. CSS enables you to create specific layouts for your book that closely resembles your source.

Fixed layout conversion” is thus the order of the day and Apple’s e-pub format has dramatically enhanced the reading experience through iPads and iPhones by adding more color to the lives of the viewers. The formatting and layout of printed matter could now be electronically reproduced in totality retaining the original look and feel of the matter.

Electronic formats like E-pub and Mobipocket had greater compatibility with text and earlier took a backseat when it came to rich, complex graphics. Only small images could be embedded and the application would make the images and text reflow in one whole and correspond to the reader’s screen.

With the new improved “fixed layout”, image and text management has become a lot easier. You can zoom in or out and pan around comfortably and even search text strings easily. E-pub allows you to gain control on the layouts of the document as pages are sized in accordance with the pixels. You might import fonts, change text size, accurately place images and create two separate pages to view an image better. “Fixed layout” gives a standard look to the pages and retains the look and layout of printed pages.
fixed layout sample formatting

Advantages of Partnering With Us for Fixed Layout Kindle Conversion Services:

  • Skill and Experience: Being way different from ordinary E-pub files, Apple’s fixed layout e-pub calls for a great amount of expertise and skill and an eye for detail. Being synonymous to typesetting on a computer a lot of hard work needs to be done. Veterans at AtoZ Publishing Company with the right kind of experience and expertise have converted an array of files for fixed layout publishing on i-pad.
  • 24x7Availability: A single point of contact dedicated for connecting to clients.
  • Point of Precision: Strict quality control ensures that the books are 100% free from errors. Stringent checks are done at different levels to ensure an ace quality of work in strict adherence to client specifications.
  • Compliance to guidelines of Apple: Our e-books are authenticated and they comply with all the standard guidelines, all set to be submitted in iBook store.
  • Free trial: We offer a free trial to give a look and feel of our conversion service. This enables you to gain firsthand experience about our quality standards and adherence to a deadline. You can get a few chapters of your book converted into an IDPF standard e-format absolutely free of cost before kick-starting the actual project.