Word to Epub File Format

word to epub formatting
Epub basically stands for the “electronic publication” and Word to EPUB conversion means converting the “word document” to ePub format. As today we live in an electronic era, so we usually share our important researches, documents, notes and all types of materials electronically instead of printing.

Word document still works well enough for distribution and sharing information online. But it’s much better if you save your word documents in a format friendly to the reader. Word is really great but they do not look good on the devices used by an e-Reader. The other disadvantage is that it takes up valuable space on devices like netbook, iPods, and iPads. So, epub is the perfect conversion gateway for all kind of materials and texts.

Need for ePub file format conversion

epub file formatEpub is the worldwide accepted standard format for digital publishing. Time has changed everything; electronic publication has become a need in the age we live in. So, if you want to create an eBook, which could be easily and ideally, read on all digital gadgets.

Any kind of eBooks or required text in any document can be changed into the ePub format. As it is the most preferred friendly format by most of the eBook readers and authors as well. Time has become a very crucial factor in business and all kinds of trades. People often work and exchange important information through, portable devices like mobile phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, and various other latest technology smartphones. So, ePub format is the most perfect for all these handy gadgets. With this conversion, it becomes very convenient for the common man to work from anywhere anytime he wants.

We at “AtoZ Company” understand all these circumstances and are fully aware of the requirements of the clients and eReaders. So, we offer skilled and quality services with full responsibility and care for our customers and consumers thus, presenting valuable publications to readers all over the world.

We “AtoZ Ebook Conversion” the right choice for your word document to epub. Here is why?

Conversion of the word document or file to ePub format involves a lot of complex technicalities and procedures. All these require not only skilled hardworking professionals but people of true experience and knowledge. Our AtoZ team is glorified with talented, reliable, honest and highly skilled professionals. We guarantee to provide you quality work in due time. Our intellectual workers also put their mind and soul in the following areas

  • Affordable prices.
  • Satisfaction of our clients.
  • Doing our job with full honesty.
  • Quality products in due time range.
  • Using the latest technology and trends.

Benefits of using our Word to Epub format conversion services

  • Skilled professionals
    The first advantage you get in working with us is that you get a team of trained and skilled professional to work for you. Our expert workers have a good experience and knowledge both, which enables them to perform up to the mark. They are also aware of all the latest trends and technology development in the market. They are very expert at the full functionality of epub and its enhancement on various gadgets and reading systems as well.
  • Deadlines always respected by us
    We, at AtoZ Ebook Conversion always respect the deadlines given by our clients as a team. So, we guarantee to give work and products according to the given deadlines. We surely fulfill the timely needs of all our clients individually.
  • Affordable price
    We try to give low prices to our customers and good quality work. AtoZ offers packages of valuable product with an affordable rate to entertain the client in the most positive and attractive way. We try to create a good balance between the product and price rate so that the client feels satisfied.
  • Hand coded format
    Different companies are using various complex and efficient software for the conversion of the eBook text. But, we believe that the hand-coded version or format is the best option indeed to convert the document to epub. So, AtoZ Word to Epub creation still gives you hand coded converted products or documents to epub free of mistakes.
  • Quality work and products
    We also guarantee that you will get a quality product in exchange for your valuable money and time. Your work will be done by our expertise in the field of the word to epub design. Quality work will be delivered to you in due time otherwise, we take full responsibility.
  • Clients are valuable to us
    Our clients are really valuable to us and AtoZ respects them. We try our level best to entertain them in all conditions. Their satisfaction is of prime importance to us. If they are not satisfied with any of our facility or work, we try to accommodate them in every possible way.
  • Individual attention and time
    AtoZ Ebook Conversion gives individual attention and required time to each of our clients. Because every client’s business and timely needs vary from one another. So, we as professionals try to meet the requirements and timely needs of every particular client.
  • AtoZ Ebook Conversion use latest trends and standards
    AtoZ Ebook Conversion uses the latest trends and technology to give quality work to their clients. We work according to the IDPF ePub standards.

Importance of AtoZ Ebook Conversion as e-Publishers

doc to epub formatThere is no harm in saying that the internet has become a definite part of our lives. People are buying mobiles like cakes and pastries every day. IPad’s and tablets are sold like muffins in the market. The internet has become very popular because of its affordability, wide range and easy access to every common man. There come the need and importance of publishers and their services.

It’s really very important that you choose the skilled professionals for converting your material into the epub friendly format, which can be easily used on all the devices, computers, laptops and electronic gadgets used by the eReader. As it involves complex technicalities, which only an expert publisher and his team could handle. AtoZ Ebook Conversion professionals are fit for all these challenges and really the right choice to deal with the crucial circumstances as well to enjoy a chocolate dessert.

We also convert the files from PDF, Indesign, Open office to ePub. Use the contact us form for any questions regarding epub formatting and other design services and also check out the FAQ section.