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Who We Are

A to Z eBook Conversion Services as our name suggests is about converting books and printed materials to eBooks and vice-versa. Starting with a small team of 10 people around 6 years back, now in short span of time, we have grown into a core team of 100 plus members, working full time round the clock. We have offices better say work stations both in the home and overseas.

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Our work group consists of professional like data entry operators, editors, proofreaders, computer experts, designers, and gadgets freaks. In past years we worked with some of the noted publishers and authors and published more than 10,000 titles from every walk of life, fiction, non-fiction, catalogs and much more.

Our quality is our key to the success we offer 99% and higher accuracy and make sure that converted version should look much finer than original one, we strive for excellent results, the ultimate to our successes. We employ full-time total quality assurance people responsible for overall quality of eBooks.

We work in all type of input file formats and capable of delivering work in any desired output format. MS Word and PDF are our most preferred input file format, but we understand authors, publishers, and peoples need. We know how much important it is to publish an eBook for gadget-loving readers. This is why we accept all type of file formats like MS Word, Pdf, Adobe Indesign, Quark Xpress, multimedia, printed material, ePub, jpeg, HTML, DHTML and any other whatever you submit us.

We strives for excellence in conversion and produces eBooks for authors, publishers and millions of gadget-loving readers. We convert eBooks meant to be read on different electronic readers, a laptop, a Kindle, or an iPhone. We convert eBooks in all formats and for any reader; you name it and we do it.

We are in eBook conversion since long, have witnessed various changes and seen many revolutions. We help you in deploying your eBooks to the right market place and hence provide additional services like eBook distribution and sales page design. Being in the industry since long we know where your eBook receives maximum attention and how to exploit the power of the web for increased sells. We do not sell eBooks rather we help authors and publishers in speeding up the sell, this is why many new authors and publishers add to our list every day and many reaches to us with reference from our establishes clients.

We are known to deliver the fastest results in less time. Our turn around time is less than 72 hours and we deliver work for the best rates in the industry. We do not use any software program for performing faster results. Our team does all work manually and not with help of any software. eBooks are meant for readers and robots cannot give them human touch. This is where we separate out from others in the eBook Conversion industry. When you work with us, we promise to deliver you top class eBooks which should be liked by your readers for content presentation as equally as for subject matter. Our team strives for excellence!a