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Are you looking for sales page design, if yes, now you landed in the right place? At AtoZ, we have dedicated a team of designers and programmers who have expertise in presenting things differently. We understand well what attracts a potential customer and tries our best to put our imaginations in your sales page. A beautiful looking sales page is a primary requirement so when a surfer lands on your page he/she develop interests in it. This is when someone will decide to buy your books. A well-presented sales page minimize the bounce back rate resulting in more solid traffic and hence increased sales for you. If you already have a sales website and still hungry to get more business our developer will improve it for overall look and feel, not only this, our SEO experts will optimize your website so as to appear in top search queries of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and various online directories like Dmoz, Yahoo directory and every other place in the web. has expertise in eBook Conversion. We convert documents of input file format to the desired output file format. Submit a project to us in any file format like MS Word, Apple Pages, pdf, swf, html, hard copy books, scanned material, multimedia or any other we shall successfully convert them into desired output file format so as to be read in various readers, desktop, laptop, Smartphone, or a kindle. Our services perform all work manually. No matter how low-quality project you submit to us we do our best to improve them and guarantee that text, graphics, images, multimedia, and any other content will appear much finer in output files. Once we show you output, you will appreciate our efforts.

Why we are different??

We work differently on eBooks; our motto is to present eBooks so as a reader should remember it also for best feel and not only for the subject matter. Your eBooks are meant to sell online where there exists no sales person to convince or bargain a customer on price. A sales page works like a salesperson; it requires beautiful presentation, neat, clean, eye-catching look to gather readers’ attraction and bookmark it or to refer a friend. Imagine should you refer a dirty looking page to a friend on facebook? Would you not think twice before sending a page link to a friend if it’s good enough to share? Of course, your answer would be YES. Same is true for others.

Appearance adds to virility, especially in the internet world, because it is driven by the younger generation and it will be always. It does not mean young users do not look for mature content, they are smart, they want more value for money but at the same time looks are important to them. A beautifully designed sales page will do the job of stopping a potential customer over it, browse through it, bookmark it, share it and of course generate a sale from it. We develop sales page for all web platforms, Windows, Linux, and java with equal efficiency. Take your sales page design from us and enjoy maximum lead generations. We will be happier in designing your eBooks and providing them a sales page platform which everyone should appreciate.

An effective sales page consists of certain things. Look at a glance what we do in particular of a sales page.

  • About Page Creation – In this page we describe summary in brief of your books. We have in house content writers who extract the juices from your book and fill that in summary section.
  • Write Review – Our writers are excellent readers, they are expert in writing reviews exposing both sides of your book. Also, we give a link to review page of your book in sites like eBay, Amazon etc.
  • Provide Excerpts – Here we provide a free preview of your eBook, this is the place where you can collect email addresses.
  • Affiliate Program – If you invite affiliates, this will be linked to affiliate page of your website.
  • Insert Thumbnail – We insert a 3D thumbnail of your book if required 3D Graphic and put punch lines here so a prospective buyer should know why your book is worth.
  • Buy Book Buttons – We put Amazon, Kindle, iBook Store, Nook and any other button which you need with a link to buy on your sales page with a link to seller website.
  • Social – We put Social bookmark widgets like facebook, linked in, dig, stumble upon etc so as to share your page in different social circles.

What are the things which prompt to leave a website page within seconds, look and feel or typos in it or pricing for service. Many of you will say it’s the design which makes you feel that a website page is not worth looking for a service you need. Same would be true in case of your website too. An effective, eye-catching will prompt your audience to browse it and order an eBook. This is where design has its significance. We build search engine friendly website, easy to navigate through pages. Our content fluidity is such that an audience shall be interested in looking for product prices once he/she finds your webpage through a search engine which ultimately shall result in increased sales.

AtoZ Services consists in house team of designers, developers, programmers, SEO, editors, proofreaders, marketers added with total quality assurance. Out quality assurance team makes sure that your requirements should be fulfilled at best. We do not use software programs for conversion, sales page design or social marketing etc. Our people work manually with an eye for details. Your customers’ satisfaction is our top priority and we are doing so since the past 5 + years consistently. We do work at the best price within the prescribed time limit. Our turn around time is 72 hours after project submission. You can submit a project in any file format and our team is qualified enough to do the excellent work for you which you and your customer should praise. Quality is the key to success at AtoZ eBook Conversion Services.