Epub Formatting Services

epub formatting services
Whether you are a full-time author, a seasoned writer or a hard copy publisher, if you are in search of ePub formatting services, then you are in the right place. AtoZ Services takes to care for ePub of printed books and eBooks both. We offer you efficient best ePub conversion services in the industry. Being a master of ePub design, producing beautiful eBooks is our responsibility and we do that smartly. We help authors and publishers in deploying eBooks for ultra-modern users who make a huge chunk of the reading community.

AtoZ Company professional likes taking challenges; they take every challenge as an opportunity. You can submit a project in any file format and see the required results before 72 hours of project submission. We assure you that you will get the best quality of text, table, graphs, layout design, Images and any other content in ePub. Our team strives hard to produce the best ePub Books which you can deploy for an eBook reader. We convert all type of document eBooks, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children books and technical books into ePub.

AtoZ Conversion Services team is master of the game. We are working in this area for 5+ years. Both publishers and authors can use our expert skills to publish eBooks. We have in house editors and quality control who keep a tab on compatibility measures for different eBook reading devices.

What is an ePub?

epub formatEBook and ePub are two words actually used quite synonymously. In simple words, an eBook is a shorthand for electronic books whereas ePub is a format that helps represent the documents in electronic form. EBook is just an electronic representation of a book that includes formats such as Word, PDF, ASCII text, HTML, ePub and a host of others. Like eBook, the e-Pub is a short term of Electronic Publication.

The main reason behind the growing popularity of eBooks is the ePub format of electronic publishing by using the formatting services. ePub has been recognized as a standard form of digital publishing by the IDPF – International Digital Publishing Forum. There has never been any shortage of eBook reading devices that support the ePub format. However, the real issue is to provide quality formatting and proper presentation of content.

Epub Formatting Validation Process

We validate every single file and pass them over ePubcheck 4. Our turnaround time is lesser than your expectations. You can submit a project in any file format like Pdf, Word, InDesign, Printed books, Scanned copy or any other that you have and we are able to convert those into .epub file format readable in all type of eBook readers. We are efficient enough to complete the job within 72 hours of project submission by our clients. Also, you don’t need to pay any extra price; transparency and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Since our team employs highly skilled professional, we offer AtoZ solution starting from conception to deployment of eBooks.

Why you should use our ePub formatting Services?

Your ePub documents need extreme care. When producing ePub Books it’s not only sufficient to know to put text, graphs, images, and tables in order, rather one also need rich expertise in computing and a sound understanding of electronic publishing added with computer languages like HTML, XML, CSS etc. This is where AtoZ helps you. We have experience of converting more than thousands of publications from different file formats to ePub. We just not only do the conversion, rather we do the formatting with extreme care, but that’s also why we give quality assurance. AtoZ Services know what an ePub shall look like when deployed to be read in eReader as well as customers’ interest.

We integrate each and every text, images, graphics, tables, multimedia and any other material what your project contains in the right order and produce ePub which should be liked by electronic readers and customers equally. Any material that we produce at AtoZ eBook Conversion Services first go through rigorous testing. Our expert creates an ePub document of your project and test in various readers before finally working on a project and producing results. Producing high-quality eBooks is our topmost priority, however, we know the value of time and we understand your business fully. We understand well your urgency of publishing eBooks at a faster rate and for the purpose, our people work round the clock. We are known to deliver ePub within 72 hours of a project submission in file format among our valued customers.

How we are different in epub formatting?

different-in-epub-formattingOur AtoZ eBook professional works manually; we never use any software to produce faster results. Taking care for your eBooks is our duty and we do that dutifully. We accept all type of input formats to produce ebook like the word, pdf, scanned document, quark, Indesign etc. Ideally we convert all types of file format to ePub and to read in different devices like Barnes & Noble Nook, iPad, iPhone, Kobo eReader, Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Edition, Android devices, Smartphones or any other popular device.

We test ebook output for various devices before delivery and assures for total quality control. We have in-house quality control team leveraged with technical know which looks before ePub’s division and makes sure to deliver excellent products which shall be demanded among reader’s community not because of only subject matter but also because of best ePub quality.