InDesign to Kindle Format Conversion

Indesign to Kindle file format conversion
As life gets busier and busier, more people are turning towards the trend of reading eBooks instead of normal printed books. This is because there are some luxuries offered by eBooks that normal books can simply not offer the user. First of all, eBooks are much easier to buy than normal books. In fact, you can get free versions of these books from thousands of websites on the Internet. They can easily be downloaded and saved making it very easy to carry around. You can carry thousands and thousands of these books around in your electronic reader and take them anywhere you want to.

Why authors should convert the Indesign to Kindle format?

Indesign to kindle formatting stylesKindle is the most widely used reading device and we can convert any source to AZW Kindle format. According to a recent research survey, almost 50% of eBooks are read on this device. As Amazon is the largest eBook seller, we offer conversion services to AZW or Mobi format as a Kindle device can read books only in this format.

It is estimated that Amazon sells more eBooks than physical books today. In fact, its eBooks sale surpasses its paperback copies. We understand the needs of the eBook market and provide an excellent conversion service into Kindle format. In this competitive age where only the fittest can survive, we even offer two versions of your eBooks – namely the Kindle format and the ePub format. These two versions will give you an opportunity to sell your eBooks on all online stores.

Our company is technically sound and can handle all types of conversions services to Kindle format 8. With immense knowledge and experience, our team of experts can accept any challenges and deliver perfect eBook conversion in your required format. We are well equipped to convert any hard copy printed books, like hardcover, paperback, photographs, and images, to kindle proficiently. We have excellent technical knowledge and vast experience in converting hard copies to kindle.

Why choose our Indesign to kindle formatting Services?

The authors and publishers of eBooks normally want to reach out to a wide reading audience that is why it is important to have these eBooks available for the Amazon Kindle which has become one of the most widely used handheld products in the market today. Some of the reasons as to why you should choose Kindle conversion services is because more and more people have started reading their eBooks on this device. The Amazon Kindle is officially the most widely used handheld reader in the market today although other devices like the Sony Reader, the Barnes and Noble Nook reader, the Apple iPad are also popular but not as much as the Kindle. The Kindle reader is here to stay and because of its small and slim size and extremely affordable price, it is going to stay on the top of the market for some years to come.

To make it possible to read your eBooks on the Kindle, you will need to convert your files to the AZW format first. One drawback of using the Kindle is that it does not support the ePub format which has quickly captured the market and is fast growing to become an industry standard today. Therefore you will need to hire professional Kindle services that can convert ePub files into the AZW format. No one can deny the popularity of It sells more eBooks than any other store in the world right now. Their share in the eBook market industry has been estimated to be around 70%. Amazon has become such a popular avenue for getting all your books that it has started selling more eBooks than the printed ones. Books that are sold on are available in the AZW format therefore if you want to make your publications accessible in the largest online bookstore in the world, you will need to make sure that the books are converted to the AZW format first. If you are looking to target a wider audience of readers, you should make your books available in both the AZW and ePub formats.

It can sometimes become a challenging task to convert your books into multiple formats, therefore, you will need to rely on fast and efficient kindle conversion services that will give you the best value for your money. Therefore always use a professional eBook creation or publishing company to handle all your kindle conversion needs.

Advantages of Hiring Us – Kindle ebook Conversion services

advantages of hiring usPeople are becoming techno-savvy throughout the world. It has seen the emergence of markets and new technological advancements. The advent of the e-book reader has revolutionized the market of books. People no longer want to buy hard copies as a reading of a book on a mobile phone, Tablet or Laptop while traveling or at leisure has gained affordability and momentum. But this has put forth a challenge to the publishers of feeding old books with complex formats into an e-reader. Thus the necessity to convert the PDF files to Kindle files.

  1. Expertise and domain knowledge in diverse fields/subjects and types including news media, non-fiction, medicine, cine media, children books, medical journals, science, engineering, fashion, fiesta, brochures, catalogs and lot more since the last 6 years while serving clients globally.
  2. Comprehensive services offered across a wide range of platforms and technologies.
  3. Strict quality control guarantee ensures that every file would be rechecked for consistency in content flow, page layout, style and graphics for giving the clients a publication-ready document. Tools that are used in the Quality Assurance Program include software Epub check 4.1 and physical devices such as the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad, Kobo, and Sony Reader.
  4. Faster turnaround time and 100% accurate deliverables increase the cost-savings and profitability.
  5. Each project is handled by a dedicated team and a project manager.
  6. Each team member is excellently qualified and trained at par with the global standards with excellent communication skills.
  7. We keep constant touch with our clients and provide suggestions, guidelines throughout the process.
  8. We offer a special bulk discount scheme for the publishers and authors who avail conversion services for more than 5+ titles or regular recurrences of conversion.