Kindle Formatting Services

kindle formatting services
We offer you kindle formatting services to produce eBooks specifically to be read on a Kindle or Amazon Kindle. Amazon has developed and distributed this device exclusively for eBook lovers, they are millions around the globe and certainly, you don’t want to leave behind Kindle readers. So if you are looking Kindle format, you landed in the correct place.

We convert Fiction, Non-fiction books and any other content which you have and further wish to deploy it for Amazon Kindle format. Selling eBooks for Kindle devices over Amazon website offers publishers and authors additional benefits in terms of popularity and not only sells. When you sell your product over Amazon website, you get overnight popularity as Amazon is one of the world’s top website for selling products on which customers rely.

Amazon Kindle for reading eBooks is one such reliable product which is tried, tested and believed among readers community. When you are an author or a publisher making a copy for Kindle is a must for your business.

About our Kindle Formatting Team

kindle formatting teamOur team has a bunch of skilled men and women who are qualified enough to produce eBooks for Kindle. We convert all types of complex content text, layouts, images, tables, graphs etc. with 100% assurance of quality. We convert eBooks to be read on a Kindle device at the best price. Our services are quick; our turnaround time is less than 72 Hours.

Our team of professionals works in a stepwise manner and in pre-defined order to produce best quality eBooks for Amazon Kindle readers. Our in-house team which consists of subject experts, editors, graphic designers, proof-readers and software experts strives hard to keep Kindle eBooks at the topmost quality. We offer kindle formatting services for all types of file format. Before producing results our geeks check eBooks on a Kindle and make sure that both you and your reader should praise our work.

Why do you choose our Services?

When you come to us for Kindle formatting, you get top class Kindle eBooks converted by humans and not robots. Our expert knows there may found very less or even no consistency between two submitted file formats. There exists lots of variation among various input file types. Off course software designed for eBook conversion can convert your Books but can’t give that human touch which a must requirement to produce lucid eBooks.

Our AtoZ eBook experts offers total quality control and for the purpose, we have employed in-house people who keep a tight watch overworking staff and never allows to compromise with quality. We guarantee that your Kindle eBooks shall look much finer than your submitted project and you will be proud of them. We take extreme care when putting text, graphics, images, tables or any complex content together and make 100% sure that project should pass strict QA check before reaching to customer’s hands.

We accept different types of file formats to convert for Amazon Kindle like PDF to Kindle, Hard Copy to Kindle, Scanned Copy to Kindle, InDesign to Kindle, MS Word to Kindle, Apple Pages to Kindle, Quark Xpress to Kindle or any other file format that you can submit. A client can submit the project in single file format or mixture of thoseapprovedand we will convert them in beautiful eBooks to sell over Amazon website for Kindle devices. Also, Kindle devices come in many configurations and our conversion experts assure that all kindle should display your eBook content in a lucid display.

Price for Kindle format conversion

kindle formatting conversion pricingWe offer you top class eBooks to be read on Kindle devices at least possible cost. When you come to us cost never matters given the quality of eBooks we produce. This is why we are sustaining successfully for more than 10 years working day and night for our valued customers. Our prices are affordable and suits to every pocket same as a Kindle suits to everyone. At a glance price for Kindle/eBook creations are mentioned underneath:

Use the quote form to get the confirmation price from our end. The pricing details are as follows,

  • Mostly text-only books like Novel, Story and other fiction books – US$0.40 cents per page.
  • Books contains a lot of illustrations, tables, footnotes, endnotes, weblinks – US$0.50 cents per page.
  • Complex formatting books such as double formatting layout, more tables, Styles, Indexes – US$0.60 cents per page.

We provide you the best discounts to Authors and Publishers who provided with three or more titles at once for conversion. Please contact us, if you have any questions.

How we are different in Kindle formatting Service?

AtoZ services are known to deliver the fastest results with 100% accuracy. Your file type may be simple or complex or a mix of both, a file type never bothers us. Our in-house team has excelled in decoding every file type and converts them manually to be read on a Kindle. Our turnaround time is faster, we deliver the output files within 48 to 72 hours.

Our services are affordable and suits to seasoned authors, small-time publishers, full-time writers, and large publishing houses equally. We do not overcharge for making eBooks for a Kindle. We follow step by step approach, your work happens in a phased manner and passes through expert hands at every stage, and this is why we have a large customer base who believe in the fluidity of our Kindle eBooks.

We are a large team and eligible enough to handle all type of conversion work in large volumes. Striving always for quality and winning customers’ loyalty is our goal. We cross-check our results before delivery and assures that your eBooks should be liked not only for material reasons but also because of the excellent quality that we offer.