PDF to ePub Format

PDF file to Epub file format conversion
iBook and Amazon are one of the largest books selling retailers all over the world. In the last few years trends has been changed tremendously due to the innovation of marvelous portable gadgets. Amazon claimed that they have sold more eBooks as compared to paper books. The unexpected popularity, success and growing demand for eBooks have changed authors and publishers outlook. Because the cost for creating a digitalized book is far lower as compared to the printed books thus, creating more revenues at lower production cost. This latest transition gives rise to countless companies offering ePub creation, formatting and eBook conversion services. One such growing name is ATOZ EBOOK CONVERSION.
Need of epub conversion

Need of PDF to ePub3/ePub2 Conversion

We offer impeccable and 100% genuine hand-coded conversion services. No doubt, PDF is the most famous and highly used format from students to business dealings. It is easy to share, read and create different documents every time. But, the one disadvantage is it is not supported by different portable devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Smartphones, Sony eReader, tablet PCs, Nook and other devices. For these latest high tech devices PDF is not the right format so, it needs to be converted into a world standard format ePub or ePub3 that are friendly to thousands of gadgets.

Why “AtoZ” for PDF to ePub format conversion?

AtoZ enables writers and publishers all across the world to reach to a larger target audience. There are several eBook formats but, the ePub is the standard format offering new streams of success and revenues. Our talented team offers you with quality ePub formatting and conversion services and help in converting your printed books into the right format and then, submits at the appropriate place to market online. People having thousands of PDF files can hire our services confidently to get perfect work done within the promised deadline. Clients even don’t have to pay the mammoth amount for editing etc. to get everything in a perfect manner because we offer some additional services like revision and editing to present your eBook as a masterpiece for the readers.

AtoZ conversion meets the following standards not just for PDF in fact for all type of conversions and formatting services.

  • Active Table of contents
  • Spacing standards
    • Paragraph spacing
    • Line spacing
    • Number spacing
  • Chapter titles
  • Footnotes
  • Endnotes
  • Tables
  • Image and graphs standards
  • Drop cap

People looking for easy, quick and efficient conversion can hire our service blindly because AtoZ team is skillful enough to convert your documents aptly. At AtoZ, you can get services from conception to the deployment of ePub books under a single roof.

We give a validated epub layout having excellent text layout for electronic readers. We leave no mark of complaints regarding conversions and formatting services and take full care of every minute detail to craft a masterpiece.

Smoothly convert PDF files and books to epub format. Our team of the experts converts images, text, graphics, and links easily. We have highly technical staffs who take just a few clicks to convert PDF’s into epub without any complications and complexities. We convert all the files into standard epub format with high quality, splendid speed and retain originality to give an effective and user-friendly output. You will feel no difficulty in navigating text, images, and links. We have specialized skills with different text and graphics formats like HTML, XML, SHTML, JPG, GIF, PNG and several more.

Advantages of hiring our services

  1. Quality eBooks: We believe in offering high-quality end products. We have an organized and professional conversion quality management team employed to evaluate quality control issues based on client’s requirements. Our quality team communicates with the patrons about the daily progress of the task. We also conduct regular reviews on the basis of critical performance measures, productivity, and overall process improvements and capabilities. Every PDF file converted into epub is released after being re-checked by professionals. Our team is open to new technology and improvements to offer improved and error-free conversions.
  2. Calibration: We conduct regular calibration just to make sure that there not a single word deviation in quality measures. The documents being processed by our experts are rated by the Quality Assurance Group and then, forwarded to the clients.
  3. Turnaround time: Time is undeniably the most crucial factor in conversion industry. Each organization having a large volume of PDF files want their files to be accurately converted and organized within fast turnaround time. Fast yet accurate epub design is the prerequisite among both small and large organizations and among individual writers and authors. With precisely defined format, technology, and experts allocation procedure, AtoZ never surpassed the deadlines promised with customers.
  4. Fair prices: AtoZ believes on fair dealing. We offer affordable rates on decided terms and conditions. We have a highly fair payment system and works to meet the customized conversions according to the client’s explicit needs. We ensure 100% hand-coded conversion and never make use of any PDF conversion software to cheat clients.
  5. Security: We really respect your documents as we know for any author books are their whole assets. We have a security management system and promise to deliver everything within a secure and professional working environment.

AtoZ Conversion without any doubt is an ideal choice not only for PDF to epub format in fact, for all types of input formats. You get excellent results by paying a reasonable price to reach to a greater audience. Choosing AtoZ is sensible and the most reliable option for all those people who want to convert their traditional books to eBooks. Needless to mention, AtoZ Ebook Conversion is the ideal choice to boost your worth and also offers the opportunity to earn more revenues through online presence and sales.

In addition to PDF, we also offer MS Word to Epub, fixed layout epub design, Smashwords conversion and several other conversions with elite preciseness and proficiency.