Prices offers you value for money. We strive hard to produces the best results for the least possible price. Our prices for ePub Conversion are mentioned underneath:

Simple Books – US$0.40* cents per page. (These normally contain text like a novel or thriller and no major graphics or multimedia work)

Medium Books – US$0.50* cents per page.(These are the mix of text, graphics, images, and multimedia with a major portion allotted to text)

Complex Books – US$0.60* cents per page. (Along with text these includes graphs, images, editing multimedia, tables and need lots of formatting).

*- The above factor is just for reference. For confirmation price, please use ‘Instant Quote‘ form.

Our pricing depends on various elements like the number of images, charts, tables, formatting style and fonts, mathematical expressions, etc. Our conversion rates are very affordable and economical. Our quotes are very reasonable, in fact, the lowest in the ebook conversion industry. Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship and thus we can assure you 100% satisfactory service with optimum ebook conversion.