Typesetting Services

Typesetting Services
What Typesetting services can do for your Business?

Some people confuse typesetting and copy editing services as being the same and some are mistaken about the nature of both of these. For the record, copy editing services do not include typesetting services. Formatting and typesetting are typically not done by the same copywriter or editor. The interior layout of a book or a novel is the responsibility of the author or the publisher and the editor has no say in it. There are some developmental editors which might give some assistance to authors in formatting so that the author’s book or manuscript can be transformed into a more readable status but overall you should either do the typesetting yourself or have a professional do it for you.

The first thing that you need to understand is that typesetting and formatting are two different things. Formatting includes setting the margins, fonts, footers, headers, bullet points, page numbers and other elements of the document. The main aim of formatting is to make the manuscript look and read like a book instead of a web page, an essay or an email. There are some publish on demand companies out there in the market that will accept formatted manuscripts from authors and use the same format for printing it as a book. They will just check if the manuscript fits their printing parameters and print out copies. This might cause unnecessary or awkward line break to appear in your book. Other problems that could arise if proper typesetting is not done with the manuscript include widowed headings or orphaned headings, inconsistent margins, mismatching of fonts and other different kinds of formatting problems which will give the book an amateurish look.

The need for Typesetting Services

Typesetting is usually employed when you have to get a book absolutely ready for printing. This is done when you need bulk quantities of books to be printed. You will need to use a tool such as InDesign or other layout programs that most editors or normal people don’t know how to use. Therefore it is best to outsource all your typesetting needs to a professional typesetting services provider like us. If you are going through the traditional method of getting your book printed, your typesetting requirements will be mostly dealt with the publishing house. However, if you are looking to get your book printed yourself, you will need to use professional typesetting services. Some publish on demand companies provide professional typesetting services while others do not. In either case, you will need to have someone structure the interior layout of your book.

Some people are of the view that getting typesetting services might prove to be too costly. However, there are thousands of online companies these days that offer professional typesetting services and these are not expensive at all if you choose to get these services through the mail. There is a big difference in prices between companies that are offering typesetting services locally and those that offer it through mail order. All typesetters have their own distinct style and you should choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.