10 Tips to Increase EBook Sales

10 Tips to Increase EBook Sales

Beginning writers are often contemplative regarding the sale of their eBooks while seasoned authors seriously think by what means they can boost their digital literature sales. Here are ten tips to assist both new and accomplished authors to earn higher revenues.

1. Design an appealing cover-page for eBook

Just as the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. So is it with an eBook cover page. Undoubtedly, any eBook cover should be designed such that it draws attention at the very first glance. Attractive and funky cover page provided they are relevant with the matter within the book would surely play a pivotal role in generating eBook sale.

2. Upload eBook title on innumerable e-stores.

Although to catch the reader’s attention, it is preferable to upload eBooks on renowned websites like Apple, Amazon and Barns and Nooks, however, the less known yet effective eBook stores such as Kobo and Diesel should not be neglected. With better promotion, more people get to know about the eBook which contributes towards additional revenue.

3. Promote Ebook reviews

Testimonials and reviews on the eBook title create interest on the reader’s mind, thus increasing the probability of sales.

4. Launch Ebook content preview.

People nowadays don’t have time to go into details of eBooks. If they like the appearance or the storyline they buy it. A preview of the content thus can be of considerable help as far as the boost in sales figure is concerned. Quick preview might consist of index and synopsis. Moreover, significant pages of the eBook can be posted to encourage SEO using sites such as Scribd.com, Slideshare.com, etc. Online previews can be easily posted on interactive digital publications with page flip effect.

5. Dedicate an exclusive search engine optimized sales page

EBooks are meant for promotion via the internet. Thus, a personal webpage which describes everything to the potential readers such as information regarding the author, book plot information, special offers as well as personal e-commerce system for direct sale so that the profit does not get shared by the eBook stores. There is no denying the fact that eBook store offers the best exposure, but having a personal dedicated page would do no harm.

6. EBook availability on several file formats

The reading habits of people are different. While some prefer mobile phones or personal computers as their reading space, whereas, some find devices like Kindle, Nooks, Tablets and iPads more convenient. Thus, the eBook author in order to extend his or her reach would have to succumb to innumerable file formats.

7. Collaboration with affiliate programs

Affiliate programs such as ClickBank are good at marketing eBooks.

8. Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are always very effective in promotion and marketing. They enable users to comment and share information which spreads among acquaintances of acquaintances of acquaintances thus increasing the value progressively.

9. Discounts and Offers for Limited Period

Whenever something comes in a limited amount, people often tend to rush for that object fearing that the stock might end. This works for eBooks as well. Relevant products can also be added as freebies along with the eBook to boost sales.

10. Intelligible eBook Prices

Complete research is necessary regarding the price of eBook. Since, e-publication, as well as the distribution cost is much lower, charging less for prospective eBooks, can generate more sales volume while contributing towards greater profits and a definite increase in competitive standing.

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