Client Testimonials

I was amazed at the wonderful service and the amazing job that Kindle Conversion did! I was getting down to the wire on my launch deadline and realized I did not have the skill to format my book properly once I uploaded on Kindle. I googled and found Kindle Conversion. I was concerned about them being in India and therefore inaccessible for me, but when I read the other testimonials, I decided to give it a try. I cannot recommend this company enough. Pravin was fantastic… always responsive to my questions and concerns and remarkably helpful. My book published last night and it came out wonderfully!!! Thank you so much.

Judith Corvin-BlackburnWriter, Spiritual Teacher, Transpersonal Psychotherapist., United States

I was surprised with the quality of their conversions. Not only did they convert my latest book, Sheriff Molly, to the required standards, but I felt that they went above the call of duty by including a table of contents and bolding the chapter headings, something that I failed to do. I highly recommend their services, and they will be hired to convert all new books for Gene Cox Books.

Gene Cox BooksWeb Developer, Author, Hurst, Texas, USA

I happened to find your services through a random search online. I was pretty scared of what I had been finding in the searches for a good ebook conversion company, as most of them charged more money than it seemed feasible. Not only that, but many of them, I suspect, might not be able to do the work right or wanted a lot of extra money if there were tables and charts in my book. Unfortunately, my book was filled with all of the above. I happened to start a dialogue with and the next thing I know, I’m looking at a PERFECT conversion. It’s beautiful! They did it within 72 hours, it was the cheapest service offered, and it was the best service I’ve had from ANY company I’ve worked with. PERIOD. You can be sure they are getting ALL my ebook conversions from now on!!!!!!

Sakura Publishing

I sent an extremely difficult file to that contained many multi-column tables, and they converted everything just fine. Excellent work!

Steven BraggCPA, USA

I was very pleased with the service provided by Kindle Conversion. They worked quickly, and were friendly and professional, going the extra mile to help my book look great.

Michelle O’NeilAuthor – Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar, Cleveland, Ohio USA

I sent my 700 page historical novel to Kindle Conversion and prayed that they could properly prepare it. The staff did a very professional job for me. In one week Kindle published my novel! It looked wonderful to see and read. For the few changes I wanted, Kindle Conversion swiftly obliged me. Three cheers for the staff!

Donald Britton ConradRetired High School teacher. I raise cattle. I write World War One articles, North Carolina, USA

I’m delighted with the service of Pravin and team at Kindle Conversion. It has been hassle free for me, professional and quality. I highly recommend Kindle publishing to any aspiring author who needs to get up and published on kindle.

Paul B ThomasGospel preacher and missionary, South Wales. Uk -

I am delighted with the service of Kindle Conversion. Other providers said I would need to wait weeks (in one case 10 weeks!) to have my PDF converted to Kindle and Epub formats but Kindle Conversion were able to do this in a matter of days. I am thrilled with the result as well. The design elements from the PDF have been maintained and the ebook looks fantastic

Alison Mathiebe Author: How to Survive (&Thrive) in a Call Centre

Excellent job, conversion was perfect first time round without the need for any further revisions. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone without hesitation.

Johnny McGinleyAuthor: The Ultimate Bite-Sized PR Advice Guide

I sent in my book, and as promised, it was turned around in less than 72 hours. I even had a few minor edits, and they immediately changed my chapter titles to what I preferred without any questions, or additional charges. I was absolutely thrilled, and it is well worth spending the additional money to have them do it for you. I tried doing it myself, and after two weeks of working on the HTML, still didn’t get it to look as good as they did!

Meagan Adele LopezAuthor, Chicago, USA

The Kindle Service is a great service. The loading of the book is efficient and the end product is marvelous.